Когда 5 обновление гпо



1.1, Update 1

Version 1.1, usually referred to as ‘The Skypiea Update’ or ‘Update 1’ came out on December 20th, 2020 (37 Days from Update 0) and featured a lot of new content related to the Land of the Sky, such as new bosses, new weapons, and the introduction of Kenbunshoku Haki. New 50k codes and a Christmas event were added alongside the launch of this update.

Update 1’s Thumbnail

Update Additions

Everything listed below are additions made through the update.

  • New Max Level (105 → 175)
  • New Max Peli (250,000 → 350,000)
  • New Server Player Cap (18 → 20)

New Devil Fruits

  • Music Snail — allows players to play music with Audio IDs. R$250. (This no longer works as it did originally).
  • Striker — grants a fast boat that moves faster for Mera Mera no Mi users. R$3,000.
  • Marine Emotes — gives new Marine-inspired emotes such as /e salute. R$75.
  • Meme Emotes — gives new meme emotes such as /e crabrave. R$75.
  • Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki).
  • Accessories can now be selectively hidden.
  • New Skypiean exclusive purchasable ability, «Glide».

Event Additions

Update 1.1 was created alongside a Christmas seasonal event. These items will no longer be obtainable once the event is over.

The Christmas seasonal event is scheduled to end on the next update.

Unconfirmed Additions

Everything listed below may be in the update, but have yet to be confirmed.

2.1, The Fishman Island Update

Version 2.1, usually referred to as ‘The Fishman Island Update’ or ‘Update 2’ or ‘Gravito’s Fort Update’ came out on Febuary 7th, 2021 (50 Days from Update 1) and featured new content related to Gravito’s Fort and The Fishman Cave, such as new bosses, 3 new weapons, and 30+ new codes and the Christmas event from Version 1.1 was removed.

Update 2’s Thumbnail

Update Additions



New Devil Fruits

New Fighting Style

  • 1v1.
  • 2v2.
  • Crew battles 5v5.
  • Leaderboards for all modes.
  • Water bubble.
  • Trading system (PRIVATE SERVERS ONLY).

Balance Patches

  • Hie Hie no Mi
    • Ice Age hitbox nerfed.
    • Ice Age will not freeze if target is ragdolled.
    • Pheasant Beak will not freeze if target is ragdolled.
  • Mera Mera no Mi
    • Flame Pillar hitbox nerfed.
    • Flame Flight speed buffed from 25>35.
    • Dai Enkai: Entei damage ticks reduced.
  • Goro Goro no Mi
    • Lightning Paralyzation nerfed: longer cooldown + shortened stun.
  • Pika Pika no Mi
    • Light Lunge has a longer cooldown.
    • Light Flight takes more stamina depending on how long you’ve been flying.
  • Bari Bari no Mi
    • Barrier Spikes now block-breaks.
    • Barrier Sphere no longer deactivates when you get stunned.
    • Barrier Sphere encases AoE damage inside within sphere.
    • Reflected projectiles properly damage now (won’t damage the projectile caster but will damage others).
  • Geppoing 5 times will put cooldown on Geppo until you hit the ground if you are in combat.
  • Kenbunshoku Haki will now deactivate if you get hit and damaged by an AoE attack (yes, you can dodge AoE attacks if you’re far from origin of hitbox).
  • Added a small cooldown to Pika/Goro dash after M1 knockback (So long, infinite combos?).
  • Max Logia reflex nerfed to max of 20.
  • Pistol and Rifle damage scale buffed.
  • Pull moves won’t work on ragdolls.
  • Skypiean Glide speed now scales with HP.
  • Skypiean Glide now disables HP/Stamina regen while gliding.
  • Fixed most accidental gliding when geppoing.

Game Mechanic Changes

  • When your boat dies, it has a 30 second cooldown before it can spawn again.
  • Sharks now drop shark teeth.

3.0, Marineford Update

Version 3.0, usually referred to as ‘The Marineford Update’ or ‘Update 3’ came out on April 17th, 2021 (70 Days from Update 2) and featured new content related to Marine Ford, Elo’s Island and Rough Waters, such as 4 new bosses, 2 new weapons, 3 new islands, and 50+ new codes and the Valentines event from Version 2.1 was removed.

Update 3’s Thumbnail

Update Additions


  • Dungeon Mode
    • 100% fruit drop at wave 25+ but it will only give to the MVP of the game (the person that does the most damage).
    • Skips the entire Common fruit tier at wave 50+.
    • Rewards EXP based on damage.


  • Sea Kings, only spawn in Rough Waters.
  • Rough Waters has a chance to become a thunderstorm.
  • Flame Admiral Zeke
  • Captain Zhen, the last boss of the First Sea.


Balance Patches

  • Pika Pika no Mi
    • Light Ray nerfed
  • Magu Magu no Mi
    • Magma Hound no longer block-breaks.
    • Magma Hound damage buffed.
  • Zushi Zushi no Mi
    • Pull range nerfed.
    • Gravity Pull pull range nerfed.
  • Mero Mero no Mi
    • Love Charm nerfed but deals more damage.
    • Added endlag on Love Wave.
  • Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix
    • Healing nerfed.
    • Stamina drain is now % of max stamina.
  • Mera Mera no Mi
    • You can now use moves while flying.
  • Burn damage scaling nerfed.
  • Golden Staff nerfed.
  • Added endlag on Golden Staff rapid hit moves.
  • Black Leg Collier will not stun if target is not on the ground.
  • Added endlag on Electro Dash.
  • Flash Freeze nerfed.
  • Trident Impale block breaks on first hit and bleed damage nerfed.


  • You can now hold F mid combo to block immediately after you’re unstunned.
  • Inventory now shows buffs from equipped items.
  • Added auto equip items in your inventory.
  • If you have Fishman Karate and you’re not a Fishman, your fighting style gets reset to the default combat.
  • Added the new pick up prompt. Press alt to pick up items.
  • New sounds for Magma Fist and Magma Hound.
  • The trading update will come in Version 3.5.

3.5, Trading Update

Update Additions


  • You can now enter the Trading Hub and trade with other players.
  • Trading Guide Document.
  • Added Trading Sign to ROBUX shop.
  • Removed Coffin Boat and Strikergamepasses and moved into ROBUX shop. You can rebuy these items if you trade them.
  • Arena map fixes.
  • Fixed the knockback on moves such as Shigan, Five Thousand Brick Fist and Gravity Push.
  • Trees now have a wavy effect.
  • Added bulk buying for race rerolls:
    • 1x.
    • 5x.
    • 10x.
    • 50x.

Balance Patches

  • Nerfed the M1 damage on Neptune’s Trident and other weapons.
  • Nerfed guns by making them do half of the normal damage.

4.0, Second Sea Update

Update Additions

Update 4’s Thumbnail

Version 4.0, usually referred to as ‘The Second Sea Update’ or ‘Update 4’ was released on September 12th, 2021 (149 Days from Update 3) and featured new content such as 4 new bosses, 6 new weapons, 6 new islands, and 50+ new codes and the Easter event from Version 3.0 was removed.

NEW LVL CAP: 325 > 425
NEW BOUNTY CAP: 50,000 > 75,000

Farewell Easter event.


  • 2SS
    • Unique way to learn compared to all the other fighting styles (must master 1SS first).
    • Restricted to 2SS unless you switch styles.

BALANCE PATCH: (we forgot some)

  • Magma Hound reverted back to block-break.
  • Rokugan bypasses Logia.
  • Can no longer use skills mid Soru.
  • Geppo takes 2% max stamina (applies to Black Leg as well) (changed to 1% after hotfix).
  • Changed Jewels of Light initial stamina cost from 100>50.
  • Light Ray now slows the caster.
  • Nerfed the stun on Lightning Paralyzation.
  • Decreased cooldowns on every skill.
  • Increased duration behind Barrier Staircase, enough to reach the end and use another staircase.
  • Barrier Cage grows SIGNIFICANTLY faster than what it did before.
  • Raised the damage cap on regular m1 punches from 20>45.
  • Lowered the stamina drain on mode by 5x.
  • Buffed Electro Fist duration from 10>30.
  • The effect also now transfers to equipped weapons.
  • Raiju Punishment bypasses Logia.
  • Shark Necklace stamina regen has been nerfed from 2>1.
  • Nerfed sword damage scaling for Busoshoku Haki.
  • It was an actual bug since Update 0, the Busoshoku Haki damage calculation was done 2 times for swords.
  • Global damage nerf on all Barrage skills and they take % stamina when you’re holding.
  • Barrages were too OP, so they needed to be nerfed.

Increased the cooldowns for dungeon bosses.

  • Improved loading screen.
  • Improved NPC intelligence for blocking.
    • Learned how to block ultimates similar to Pika/Magu
    • Learned how to block Barrage skills similar to rapid slashes.
    • Learned how to block Light Ray.
  • 9 new pants (customization).
  • 10 new shirts (customization).
  • Revamped a few hit effects.
  • New moon texture (old one was cut off at the edge).
  • Added test dummies to colosseums (only available in private servers).
    • Spawns in with PvP pad command.
  • Revamped sounds:
    • Rokugan.
    • Rankyaku.
    • Tekkai.
    • Jewels of Light.
    • Magma Rain.
    • Dai Enkai: Entei.
    • Firefly (improved visuals).
    • Hiken.
    • Soru.
    • Geppo.
  • New sound effects for Rokushiki skills:
    • Rokugan.
    • Rankyaku.
    • Tekkai.
  • Karoo Mount
    • Karoo racing minigame!
    • Includes rewards/EXP if you win the race.
    • If you’re feeling lucky, there’s a 1/1000 chance of getting a Devil Fruit from winning.
  • There will be NPCs ingame to hint how to get certain things.
  • Busoshoku Haki V2
    • Time duration is doubled after fully trained (

      = 2-3 mins)

    • Colors are random (can be customized in ROBUX shop).
    • *Hint, Hint* Krakens.
  • Added 2x Logia indicator to the bottom right of the screen.
  • While in combat, stamina regen is reduced by 50%.
  • Leveling up is now faster.
  • Cities in the Desert Kingdom have roaming NPCs.
    • Offers cargo delivery quest.
      • Gives decent amount of EXP per delivery (should be faster than bandit beater).
    • Deliver coffee to citizens across cities.
  • New map for arena 2v2/1v1:
    • Spirit Island
    • Colosseum of Arc
  • New hairs 133-140:
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeY8Xn8vSTI
  • Nerfed passive stamina regen and stamina gained per level (because stamina started to become a useless stat).
  • Fixed the delay on the smash skill for Elo’s Hammer.
  • Fixed crews (maybe).
  • Fixed a lot of cheese methods in arena.
    • Drag & Tsuki
  • New custom grip animations (more will come in the future including ones for Devil Fruits).
    • 2SS
    • 1SS
    • Neptune’s Trident
    • Black Leg
    • Elo’s Hammer
    • Kraken Blade
    • Santa’s Bells
    • Flower Bouquet
    • Crab Cutlass
    • Bisento
    • Santa’s Candy Cane
    • Golden Staff
    • Golden Hook
    • Electro
    • Fishman Karate
    • Rokushiki
    • Gravity Blade
    • Kiribachi

Photo of Update 4.5 Thumbnail

4.5, The Halloween Update


    • Fruit bag that is claimed by a user (CANNOT BE TRADED)
    • Just for display
    • Fruit bag that is unclaimed and can be traded to other players
    • One player can hold up to 3 spare fruit bags to trade to others
      • This does not mean you can store more than 1 fruit
    • New way to reset devil fruit
    • Tradable to other players

BALANCE PATCH: (we forgot some)

  • Increased the startup time on lunge by 25%
  • Nerfed the range on lunge 45>30
  • Scaled the hp regen with % health
  • Raging serpent has hyper armor after initial cast
  • Shishi sonson has hyper armor after initial cast
  • Nerfed damage multiplier on all the katanas
    • Applies to 2SS as well
  • Increased desert storm start up by 25%
  • Nerfed the damage on desert storm and changed the damage cap 50>25
  • Desert cutlass no longer block breaks
  • Changed the damage cap on gatling 25>15
  • Nerfed damage on gomu pistol
  • Changed the ticks per damage from .1 to .2 for Magma Eruption
  • Bullets will stun the target
    • Rifle .25 second stun
    • Pistol .25 second stun
    • Shotgun if all bullets hit stun 1 second, .1 second per bullet, 10 bullets total per shot.
    • https://gyazo.com/9335d4cf6d0a56db852bbe3a161fa710
  • While being in a grab, all damage by external sources is reduced by 75%
    • Ex. If you get grabbed by a gura user and their friend magu rains on you while you’re in the grab, all the damage is reduced by 75% for the duration of the grab.
  • Nerfed air time for air combo, this was buffed in update 4 so that raging whirl would be a true combo after landing an aerial.
  • Nerfed the melee scaling for basic punches


  • Weapon M1 scaling revamped
    • Faster weapons do lower m1 damage
    • Slower weapons do more m1 damage
  • Arena storm
    • A storm will spawn after 5 mins of a arena match
      • Everyone is healed back to full hp and full stamina
      • Everyone loses all stocks but 1
      • Last one remaining wins
      • The storm will last for 200 seconds before engulfing the entire map
      • Every second in the storm you take 1% max hp as damage
  • New sounds for all 1ss skills
  • New item rarity: Collectable
    • Marine Cap, Marine cape, and Cool shades have been upgraded to new rarity
    • This will pave the path for future items that are VERY limited.
      • Collectables will usually give no advantage buffs unless i say so otherwise.
      • Exclusive merch soon..
  • New music
    • All of the below music is safe to use for streamers and content creators
      • All made by AlbertKim
    • Menu theme
    • Universe hub theme
    • Halloween title screen theme
  • Fixed some lag issues in the trade hub, the maximum trade history that you can see now is 10.
  • 7 new shoe options in customization menu
  • New particles for fishman karate m1

4.75, The Anniversary Update

  • A countdown timer is located at observation island that is set for 4pm EST

4.917X, The Christmas Update

  • Stationary Boss
  • Means it will not move
  • Should be more challenging than other bosses, but the rewards are a lot better
  • Has 5 skills
    • Icicle Rain
    • Frost Breath
    • Frost Roar
    • Inhale
    • Blizzard
  • Each person the boss grips restores a % of its hp
  • Guarded by gingerbread mans

NEW EVENT ITEMS (most are cosmetics, and they all come in gift boxes beforehand) :

  • New particle and sounds effects for block breaks
  • Lowered the kill participation form 10% max hp to 5%

4.951, Valentines 2022 Update

    • 100,000
    • Cupid Queen
      • Drops a random fruit similar to clearing a up to wave 25 in regular dungeons
      • Health increases with amount of players in party
    • Cupid Boat
    • Cupid’s Wand
    • Cupid’s Battleaxe
    • Cupid Queen’s Outfit
    • Cupid Queen’s Wings
    • Wings of Roses
    • Wings of Leo
    • Worshiper’s Cape
    • Cupid Headband
    • Cupid Mask
    • Cupid Scarf
    • Cupid Guard Outfit
    • Leo’s Outfit
    • Love Witch’s Hat
    • ITO
    • HIE
      • Decreased Ice Age wind up
      • Increased Ice Bike duration to 60 seconds
    • SUNA
      • Increased ultimate damage
  • MISC
    • Added skywalk (geppo) trainer to coco island
    • Added chat box when trading
    • Note: You can now use any fighting style with geppo (2ss + geppo, 1ss + geppo, etc..)

Update 5’s Thumbnail

5.0, Thriller Bark Update

(286 Days Since Update 4)



A collection of log poses, you wont need to search thru inventory to find exact log pose

  • All Seeing Eye [ROBUX]
    • Tradeable
    • Devil fruit notifier revamp
    • If you already have the old notifier you get this for free
      • Will appear in your inventory, if you trade it away it’s gone forever and you lose the perks
  • 2X permanent logia rates and displays exact fruit that spawns

  • Devil Fruit Journal [ROBUX]
    • Tradeable
    • Tracks every single fruit you have gotten since update 5 and displays the rates for what you have gotten

  • Thrilled Ship [ROBUX]
  • Zombie Knight’s Armor
  • Zombie Knight’s Armor (Bandaged)
  • Zombie Knight’s Armor Helmet 1
  • Zombie Knight’s Armor Helmet 2
  • Zombie Knight’s Armor Helmet 3
  • Ryuma’s Scarf
  • Ryuma’s Outfit
  • Moria’s Tophat
  • Moria’s Necklace
  • Moria’s Outfit
  • Bat Swarm
  • Borj’s Armor
  • Soul King’s Outfit
  • Soul King’s Rockstar Outfit
  • Soul King’s Tophat (Rockstar)
  • Soul King’s Shades
  • Soul King’s Scarf
  • Vel’s Lantern
  • NEW FRUITS (in rarity order):
    • YOMI [ Epic ]
    • PAW [ Legendary ]
    • KAGE [ Legendary ]
    • MOCHI [ Mythical ]
  • BALANCE PATCH: (we forgot some)
      • Nerfed amount of hp per level from .75>.4
      • Nerfed amount of stamina per level from 1>.3
      • Minks still get 10% overall extra stamina
    • HIE
      • Buffed ice bike speed (faster than a galleon)
      • Ice Stomp is now a block break
      • Can no longer ice skate while stunned
    • ITO
      • Sky String
        • Enabled in combat
          • takes 5% stamina if in combat, otherwise 15 stamina per swing
      • Speed exponential decreases if hp is lower than 80%
      • Lowered the amount of seconds you can hold onto each string 10>5
      • Stamina no longer regens while holding onto a string
      • Raised damage cap on overheated whip 100>175
        • Lowered the [p/d] 15>10
    • MAGU
      • Nerfed damage on magu eruption 30[p/d]>45[p/d]
      • Raised the damage cap on magu rain 45>65
    • GORO
      • Nerfed stun on lighting wrath 1 second > .5
      • Decreased stamina cost on Lighting Dragon 85>50
    • GURA
      • Increased stun on the counter
    • ZUSHI
      • Gravity dominance becomes a block breaker if targets stay in it for more than 1.5 seconds
        • Increased the vertical cast distance
      • Buffed gravity pull range 75>100
        • Pulls all targets instead of one now
      • Increased damage cap on brick fist 50>75
      • Shark barrage projectiles travel 2x faster
        • Shark barrage also stuns now with a little knockback
      • Shark Serpent block breaks now
      • Made it so you drown even more slower if have fishman race and have a devil fruit
      • Added the custom grip
      • Magu
        • Base 3 dmg per tick, 35 p/d capped at 30
      • Mera
        • Base 2 dmg per tick, 40 p/d capped at 25
      • Pika
        • Base 1 dmg per tick, 45 p/d capped at 20
      • Every other burn has inferior scaling
      • Increased p/d 18>22
      • Increased stun time if hit 1>2
      • Buffed the scaling on % damage reflected for sharing is caring
      • Scales off defense
    • You can now block with any item out
  • MISC:
  • Observation Haki v2
  • Having maxed with mochi gives future sight
  • Custom observation color instead of random
  • New inventory sorting
    • Sort by rarity
    • Sort by item type

  • NewEpicRarity Type
    • Common >Uncommon >Rare >Epic >Legendary >Mythical
  • New ocean water
    • A Lot of the things in the game aren’t compatible with the wave system yet, but I will implement in future
    • New swimming sounds as well
  • New environment sound ambience
  • New highlighting effect when damaged
  • New hairs up to 148
  • New velocity effect when your moving fast
  • New footstep sounds
    • Footstep sounds can be heard by nearby players
  • New icons for
    • Marine Cap
    • Cool Shades
  • Money rain effect when buy robux products
    • https://gyazo.com/6e4afe4b05223c83f14ec5ba80255d5a
  • Performance improvements
  • Day/night is back
  • Improved ingame lighting
  • Sound cue when finished loading into menu
  • Fixed majority of slipping on ships
  • Fixed Reindeer Horns

    *Made ships a lot easier to spawn on the edges of islands

    • Added option to disable items rotating in GUI

    *Added setting for toggle joins

    • If turned off no one besides players on your friends list will be able to join you server thru the join commands
      • Takes a few mins to update to other players if you toggle on/off OTHERS:

    • Added a trade id for each trade
    • Can now show up to 500 past trades starting from update 5

    • DISCLAIMER: (those are not the actual values)
    • Improved performance in the trade hub
    • Increased max server size to 60 players
      • Will decrease if too much lag
    • New trade hub map

    • Fan art is featured around the map, you can submit yours on the discord.
    • ARENA
    • Added barriers to roca island so water walkers can’t go out too far
    • Barriers on Colosseum of Arc are now closer together
    • Auto combat tags all players
    • New 1v1 maps
      • Moria’s Room
    • You can now highlight and copy the server code on main menu
    • Server owner can now lock the server preventing anyone from joining until its unlocked
      • /serverlock
      • /unlock
    • Added blocking dummies
    • Added private servers for trade hubs
      • Hang out place with your friends if you have any : )

    • MAGU
    • Performance improvements to the overall fruit
    • New fruit model

    • New logia effect (cool)
      • https://gyazo.com/eb4f1614651bc0798013fbaf8f02dbac
    • Leg gets lava for magu eruption
      • https://gyazo.com/4308608a08fa2e3ea29209c401028a67
    • The lava trails are more defined
    • New sounds for
      • Magu Eruption
      • Magu Swamp
      • Water Walk
      • Magu Fist
      • Magu Hound
    • GORO
      • New fruit model

        5.33, Free Release

        • Drippy Fit V2 [ROBUX]
        • Tradeable
        • Color depends on your customization
          • Pants are forced black


        • FISHMEN
          • Tail animated variant

        BALANCE PATCH: (forgot the rest :p)

        6.0, Battle Pass Update

        NEW MAX BOUNTY: 1,000,000

        • Bounty now grants bonus damage/HP in public servers depending on how much you have (DOES NOT APPLY IN ARENA)


        • SOLOS
        • DUOS
        • SQUADS (PARTY OF 4)
        • MAX PLAYERS PER ROYALE IS 28 (might increase in future)
          • As more players are eliminated the storm will start to close faster
          • If you get eliminated you still have a chance to get back into the game.
            • Teammates can be revived by talking to phoeating npc
          • Hold Tab to open the Battle Royale Map
          • Campfires can be built by collecting wood and using the hammer tool
            • Campfires regen %hp and %stamina but overtime the campfire will run out of fire
          • If you queued for solo you will get a legendary fruit chest for winning no matter what
          • If you queued for duos or squads the MVP will always get a legendary fruit chest for winning.
            • Other players on the team will get a rare fruit chest, but if they have a All Seeing Eye they will also get a guaranteed legendary fruit chest
          • If you do not want to grind the entire battle pass you can buy everything all at once ingame.
          • You can also buy the battle pass for other players


        • Hero’s Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Hero’s Cape [BATTLE PASS]
        • Platinum Coat [BATTLE PASS]
        • Red Cloud Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Ten Tails Jinchuriki Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Ninja Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Demon Corps Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Thunder Haori [BATTLE PASS]
        • Black Bull Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Itadori Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Sabo’s Costume [BATTLE PASS]
        • Legendary Fruit Chest [BATTLE PASS]
        • Rare Fruit Chest [BATTLE PASS]


        • 28 NEW TITLES
          • Some titles have perks associated with them
          • Changed the counter to block all damage for 3 seconds
        • BARI
          • Made bari sphere block almost a majority of all damage that’s outside of it
        • (theres more but the devs forgot)
        • Cross server matchmaking for arena added
        • Universe hub ui revamp
        • Can also set a custom status
        • Crew battles is now 4v4
          • New map for dungeon
        • Made healing values show
        • Ex when you heal with santa’s bells

        Update 6.5’s Thumbnail

        6.59, 2-Year Anniversary Update

        • NEW WEAPONS
          • Firework Lancer[Legendary]
          • Inferno Rocket Blade[Legendary]
          • Prestige Firework Lancer[Collectable]
          • Prestige Inferno Rocket Blade[Collectable]
        • NEW TITLES
          • 2 New Titles
        • NEW ISLAND
          • GPO Island
          • Anniversary Suit
          • Anniversary Dress
          • Anniversary Headband
          • Anniversary Shawl

        7.02, Season 2 update

          • Winter Wonderland
          • Includes the 2 new weapons
          • Includes 2 legendary chests
        • GPO EXPRESS
          • A Train that circles the map and stops at each train station for 45 seconds
          • The train will instant grip players who get ran over
          • While sitting on the train you are basically in a safezone, press P to sit similar to sitting on a ship.
        • Santa’s Outfit Dripped
        • Santa’s Reindeer Hat
        • Nutcracker’s Tall Hat
        • Nutcracker’s Outfit
        • Happy Elf Outfit
        • Candy Cane Outfit
        • Green Monster Outfit
        • Green Monster Hat
        • Changed BR queue as follows:
          • If your account started GPO a week ago you will be placed into a different queue from regular people
        • Changed lucky zones
          • They will now always spawn on a random town or area with a lot of chests
        • You now get an additional 50 EXP for staying all the way to the end for a battle royale
        • Changed kraken stacking to cap out at 3 krakens per player